The Ant Commandos PlayStation 2 To PlayStation 3 Adapter Is Now Available

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The Ant Commandos (TAC), a leading provider of innovative wireless video game music peripherals and accessories, announced today its universal PlayStation 2 to PlayStation 3 adapter for guitar and game controllers is now available at retail for an SRP of $19.99. 

This is great news for Guitar Hero and Rock Band fans as they can protect their investment in PS2 guitar controllers and revitalize them for Guitar Hero 3 and Rock Band for PS3. Gamers will no longer have to throw away all of the valuable PS2 hardware they have accumulated over the years. The new PlayStation 2 to PlayStation 3 adapter enables all

PS2 controllers, such as PS2 Guitar Hero guitars, to be utilized on the PlayStation 3.  Unlike previous attempts from other companies, TAC’s universal adapter is 100% compatible with all of the popular guitar controllers on the market, and is engineered to function perfectly with every feature in the Guitar Hero 3 and Rock Band games for PS3.

 "When consumers purchase a PS2 to PS3 adapter for their favorite PS3 games, they expect everything to be compatible. It is devastating for a player to discover that certain game features such as hammer on, hammer off don’t work with other adapters on the market," said Jesse Manwill, Senior Manager, Product Management at TAC. "The great thing about the new TAC universal adapter is that we take into account every feature that players love in Guitar Hero 3 and Rock Band for PS3, and ensure that every gamer can have an enjoyable experience with their video game peripherals. We spent an incalculable amount of engineering and testing time with almost all guitar controllers in the market to make sure it is compatible." 

The new TAC universal adapter is guaranteed to work on all of TAC’s PS2 guitar controllers. The adapter is also compatible with regular PS2 controllers, Red Octane’s and Activision’s SG Controller, the Kramer Wireless, Nyko’s PS2 Frontman guitar, the DreamGear Shredster, all React PS2 guitar controllers and all Psyclone PS2 guitar controllers, along with many other brands.  Additionally, the TAC adapter features a Power On Indicator LED, Easy Plug-N-Play installation, and supports multiple PlayStation 2 to PlayStation 3 adapters. The Universal PS2 to

PS3 adapter is available now.

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