Capcom Entertainment joins GamersGate

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GamersGate, a leading PC digital download portal, announced today that Capcom Entertainment will be making some of its upcoming games available for digital download on the platform.

The initial titles planned for release include the swashbuckling RTS game Plunder™, action title Bionic Commando: Rearmed and a wide selection of other PC titles in the Capcom Entertainment portfolio. 

"The upcoming Capcom Entertainment titles are a perfect fit for our target group and a welcome addition to our growing portfolio, said Susana Meza, Director of Marketing on GamersGate. "We are very happy to introduce such a well-reputed publisher to our increasingly popular service"

"Capcom Entertainment is putting a lot of emphasis behind creating exciting, quality games for the digital space," said Christian Svensson, vice president, business development, Capcom Entertainment, Inc. "GamersGate provides an excellent platform for enabling our core customers to have direct, immediate access to some of our best, freshest PC content."

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