Jump Back Into the Action with “Assault Heroes 2”

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Assault Heroes 2," sequel to the award-winning action extravaganza, "Assault Heroes," ramps up the excitement on Xbox LIVE® Arcade this Wednesday, 14th May at 09.00.

"Assault Heroes 2" reveals that the original enemy in "Assault Heroes" is merely a pawn of a more sinister force, which players must now seek out and destroy. Armed with stronger weaponry and the ability to hi-jack more powerful enemy units, players must prepare to face relentless enemies and outrageous bosses in climactic battles, including an all-out skirmish in outer space.

In the sequel, players can experience the full fury of war outside of the safety of their vehicle with even more intense on-foot gameplay, where increased firepower and the new “dodge roll” feature are necessary to survive. Players can choose to fight alone or battle with a friend using the enhanced two-player cooperative mode. Either way, players will travel through diverse and interactive environments on land and in space to overcome the newest enemy and save mankind.

Where can I get this game from?
Developed by Sierra Online, "Assault Heroes 2" will be available worldwide for 800 Microsoft Points.

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