City Interactive Launch First PC Games from new ’Premiere’ Range

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For casual gamers who like to play new games but don’t like to pay first release prices, a new collection of games at great value prices makes its UK debut.

City Interactive, one of Poland’s largest developers and publishers of PC games launches ‘Premiere’ a range of brand new quality PC games at great value prices. The first three games for release are from the Premiere ‘Gold’ range available from 16 May priced at just £9.99 with a further 19 releases planned for launch in 2008.

Art of Murder: FBI Confidential, a point-and-click adventure game where you – the player – must help rookie FBI agent Nicole Bonnet solve the mystery of macabre ritual murders committed on wealthy New Yorkers. Working alone, Nicole must use intelligence, knowledge and intuition to solve the investigation which will take her from the streets of New York to the Peruvian Cusco – an ancient capital of the Incas Empire on the edge of the Amazon Jungle. Art of Murder has sold more than one million copies worldwide and now UK gamers are invited to face the unsettling atmosphere of darkness and eventually terror which is brought to life throughout the game with over 200 beautifully rendered 2D screens. Can you save Nicole from almost certain death? Age rating 16+. Download screenshots, trailers, wallpaper and more at

Terrorist Takedown 2 Navy Seals, a first person shooter game that puts the player in the shoes of a peacekeeping soldier trying to bring an end to the bloodshed in a war-torn Middle Eastern country. TT2 utilises the advanced features of the Jupiter EX engine, on which bestselling hit F.E.A.R was developed. The engine provides players with a modern game environment, realistic physics and outstanding visual effects. Outstanding AI of the players’ opponents enables them to work in co-operative groups, stalk the player, or hide in buildings or behind objects.

The story line of TT2 is based on current world events and the player’s objective is to rescue a journalist held to ransom by terrorists. Age rating 16+. Download screenshots, trailers and wallpaper and more at

Crimes of War
, is a classic first person shooter set in the Second World War. Players become ‘Karl Stolz’, nicknamed Ubersoldier, a key member of the German resistance team and the main hero of the story. The game takes the player into the last moments of the greatest armed conflict of the twentieth century, with the task of unravelling the secret plan of the SS as they try to escape justice on the brink of the Third Reich’s collapse in April 1945. Crimes of war key game features include stunning next-gen quality graphics, physics and AI, with richly added RPG elements which give the main hero a number of special abilities which by upgrading one set of parameters instead of others, allows the player to choose different styles of game completion increasing the replay value. Age rating 15+

A further six titles are planned for release on 13 June from City Interactive’s Premiere Silver range priced at just £4.99.

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