Ubisoft, Game Crazy, and GGL have teamed up to bring you an Official Haze 4v4 Tournament

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Ubisoft, Game Crazy, and GGL have teamed up to bring you an Official Haze 4v4 Tournament, where the top squad can win $5,000! The second place squad takes home two Ubisoft games per player, and everyone gets to join in on the thrill of heated competition.

The game drops on 5/20/08 but we’ll open up a Practice Ladder right here on 5/14/08 - join the group and start finding teammates now, so you can join the ladder and start challenging and playing opponents as soon as it opens. On 6/4/08 the Practice Ladder will be reset (all squads’ records and points set to 0), and we will start the official Ladder Stage. You can challenge other squads, play matches, and move up and down the ladder. Points are awarded not only for winning, but also just for playing, so the more you play the better you will do! At the end of the Ladder Stage on 7/13/08, the top 64 squads will advance to a single-elimination bracket, and the winner of the Bracket Stage takes home the $5,000!

This is a team tournament, so if you need help finding players for your squad, you can try our "Find/Form a Squad" forum. This prize tournament is open to U.S. residents only, but Haze players from anywhere in the world are welcome to join open competition ladders on GGL’s Haze Game Group.

Haze is one of the hottest new titles out for the PS3, so join now, invite your friends, form your squad, challenge opponents, and play!

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