This Week in Xbox: June 4-11, 2008

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 looks like game publishers set June 3 as the date that most gamers were likely to finish Grand Theft Auto IV, because there’s a virtual flood of new games hitting shelves this week.

A Flood of New Games
As’s Ten Days of the Ninja celebration wraps up, we’re being treated to martial arts games for young and old alike. For the grownups in the crowd, there’s the long-awaited Ninja Gaiden® II. It’s a fast-action fighter with over-the-top visuals—limbs fly in every direction, and blood flows in buckets. The challenge of the classic Ninja Gaiden games is still there in force, but there’s also a more accessible play level for those in the crowd who are a bit more "apprentice" than full-blooded ninja. For the real apprentices, Kung Fu Panda™ is out this week as well. The demo that’s currently available on Xbox LIVE has really nice animation with simple but interesting gameplay, and it gets kid approval from my young son.

The action is non-stop in Ninja Gaiden II.

On the non-ninja front, LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures is a puzzle-filled platformer that all ages will enjoy. Check out my video preview of the game that ran on Inside Xbox recently. Also this week, GRID™ offers fast racing action, Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Conspiracy puts you on the run as Jason Bourne, and The Incredible Hulk smashes its way into stores.

If that wasn’t enough, Xbox LIVE Arcade has a twofer this week, with the fast-action space-shoot-’em-up Aces of the Galaxy (note to Sierra: Please port the classic Aces of the Pacific to Xbox LIVE Arcade; thank you in advance) and the weird-and-wacky action puzzler RooGoo.

Wait, RooGoo has ninjas too?

Wait, That’s It?
It’s a little-known fact that the first column in June is always the shortest of the year. It’s the Editorial Equinox. You can chastise Denny in the This Week in Xbox feedback topic for saving all of his good jokes for Insider Moves. (What good jokes? – Ed.)

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