Championship Gaming Series for: June 6, 2008

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Dallas Venom 26, Los Angeles Complexity 16
Winless Los Angeles Complexity went head to head with Dallas Venom in the Championship Gaming Series’ North American Regular Season at the EA Los Angeles Campus. Dallas showed no signs of remorse for the desperate Los Angeles team, as Venom dominated in four of five contests, only dropping one game by a score of 10-9 to LA’s famed Counter-Strike: Source (CS:S) squad. Dallas’ Dead or Alive 4 (DOA4) duo led the charge with a 5-1 win by Michelle "Phoenix" Pleet, followed by a 5-0 shutout by Manny "Master" Rodriquez. Dallas Venom went on to win 26-16 over Los Angeles Complexity, moving Dallas to a 2-2 record, while LA dropped to 0-4.

New York 3D 23, San Francisco Optx 18
New York 3D extended their undefeated streak with a team win over San Francisco Optx in the night’s second match. San Francisco’s all-star, Vanessa Arteaga, hoped to end New York’s streak as she started off the match with a quick 5-0 shutout in Women’s DOA4. New York’s Matt "WiZaKoR" Wood answered back with an impressive 3-0 win in FIFA 08. In what has become New York’s most consistent game this season, 3D’s CS:S squad had an impressive 12-6 victory over Optx’s CS:S squad. New York moved to a perfect 4-0 record as they prevailed over San Francisco Optx 23-18.

Upcoming Matches on June 9, 2008
Chicago Chimera vs. Los Angeles Complexity - 6 PM PST - Live on
Carolina Core vs. San Francisco Optx  - 8 PM PST - Live on

Overall Standings:

New York        4 - 0
Carolina        2 - 1
Dallas          2 - 2
San Francisco   2 - 2
Chicago         1 - 2
Los Angeles     0 - 4

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Results from June 6:

Dallas Venom 26, Los Angeles Complexity 16

DoA Male
Master (Manny Rodriguez)              (Dal)   5
Perfect Legend (Carl White)             (LA)    0

DoA Female
Phoenix (Michelle Pleet)                (Dal)   5
Belle (Megan Ceder)                       (LA)    1

Barmoa (Bardia Moayedi)                  (Dal)   3
KreeganBG (Felipe Stoyne)               (LA)    2

MuffinMan (Justin Anderson)       (Dal)   4 (1st)
Chavisan (Javier Gutierrez)              (LA)    2 (2nd)
GeeTeeOhh (CJ Nelson)                   (LA)    1 (3rd)
Chaos (Kevin Parish)                        (Dal)   0 (4th)

Counter-Strike: Source
Venom                                   (Dal)   9
Complexity                            (LA)    10

New York 3D 23, San Francisco Optx 18

DoA Male
Dave Cheppelle (Cardell Thomas)         (NY)    3
NinjaCW (Chris Harris)                  (SF)    5

DoA Female
Coolsvilla (Tanya Underwood)         (NY)    0
Vanessa (Vanessa Arteaga)               (SF)    5

WiZaKor (Matt Wood)                     (NY)    3
stermy^ (Alessandro Avallone)       (SF)    0

ComeBackDan (Dan Otto)                 (NY)    4 (1st)
Sackamonjaro (Kevin Uribe)              (SF)    2 (2nd)
DarkStorm (Nic Brownrigg)               (NY)    1 (3rd)
Miximup (Chad Neil)                            (SF)    0 (4th)

Counter-Strike: Source
3D                                      (NY)    12
Optx                                    (SF)    6

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