RWD Technologies Expands Training Portfolio to Include Customized Gaming and Simulations

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RWD Technologies, a global company that develops and implements organizational performance solutions, announced today the expansion of its corporate learning portfolio to include customized gaming and simulation-based learning. The new offerings are designed to create a more dynamic and effective experiential learning environment for employees in highly specialized or high-risk environments. Through a strategic partnership with Baltimore-based BreakAway, a leading developer of entertainment games and game-based technology products for modeling, simulation, training, and visualization, RWD experts will have access to best-in-class gaming technology with which they can design and deploy games that advance employee expertise.

Game and simulation-based learning is critical in highly specialized industries, such as government, chemical, health, and manufacturing organizations. For example, new surgeons whose positions require intense precision benefit immensely from the opportunity to conduct procedures in a low-stress simulated environment, which results in more experience and a greater confidence level when faced with real-world operating scenarios.

High-precision industries are not the only beneficiaries of game and simulation-based learning, however. As more young, Generation M employees enter the workforce, employers will have to deliver training modules that map to the way the evolving workforce learns.

"As a learning and performance improvement organization, it is critical that we stay on the forefront of both new technologies and training delivery mechanisms that enhance the corporate learning environment," said Mary Shafer, Executive Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, RWD. "We evaluated a variety of potential partners, but BreakAway’s experience, customer-focused approach, and technology stood head and shoulders above the rest."

According to Shafer, until recently simulation learning technology had been fairly two dimensional and came with a high price tag. By partnering with BreakAway, RWD can deliver a high-quality, 3D experience with a clear ROI for its customers. In addition to BreakAway’s commercial experience, the company has worked closely with both the U.S. military and multi-national corporations so its team understands RWD customers’ focus on achieving business goals within a cost-effective construct.

"Our partnership with RWD will provide commercial organizations with the next-generation of game-based learning technology," said Doug Whatley, CEO of BreakAway. "By utilizing RWD’s expansive knowledge and market leadership in the learning technology market, BreakAway can continue to focus on delivering user-friendly, highly customizable game-based platform technology to meet the growing demand for high fidelity, simulated learning environments."

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