CGS Results: June 9, 2008

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Chicago Chimera 26, Los Angeles Complexity 19
Despite a slow start to the season, World Champion Chicago Chimera came out strong last night as they took on the winless Los Angeles Complexity to kick off the second week of the Championship Gaming Series’ North American Regular Season from the EA Los Angeles Campus. 2007 World Final MVP, Jeremy "BlackMamba" Florence took down new comer Carl "Perfect Legend" White in Dead or Alive 4 (DOA4) to give Chimera a 5-4 lead. Despite an impressive effort by LA’s Megan "belle" Ceder, Chicago’s Marjorie "Kasumi Chan" Bartell also came out on top with a 5-4 score. Chicago would not let LA see their first win of the season however, as Chimera swept the next three competitions of FIFA 08, Forza Motorsport 2 and Counter-Strike: Source (CS:S) to give the team a 26-19 win over Los Angeles.
San Francisco Optx 28, Carolina Core 21
In the battle to gain ground on the undefeated New York 3D team, Carolina Core and San Francisco Optx went head to head to determine who would rise to second place in the CGS standings. DOA4 was once again a heated contest as San Francisco’s rookie Chris "NinjaCW" Harris defeated Carolina’s Ryan "Offbeat Ninja" Ward 5-4, while Kat "Mystik" Gunn of Carolina scored an impressive 3 rounds on San Francisco’s all-star Vanessa Arteaga, but eventually fell to her with a score of 5-3. An 11-7 win by San Francisco’s CS:S squad secured the overall team victory as San Francisco defeated Carolina 28-21. With the win, San Francisco edges closer to New York with a 3-2 record while Carolina drops to 2-2.
Upcoming Matches on June 10, 2008
Dallas Venom vs. Carolina Core - 6 PM PST - Live on
New York 3D vs. Chicago Chimera - 8 PM PST - Live on
Overall Standings:
New York        4 - 0
San Francisco   3 - 2
Carolina        2 - 2
Dallas          2 - 2
Chicago         2 - 2
Los Angeles     0 - 5
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Results from June 9:
Chicago Chimera 26, Los Angeles Complexity 19
DoA Male
BlackMamba (Jeremy Florence)            (Chi)   5
Perfect Legend (Carl White)             (LA)    4
DoA Female
Kasumi Chan (Marjorie Bartell)          (Chi)   5
Belle (Megan Ceder)                     (LA)    4
Eafra (Yfran Garcia)                    (Chi)   2
KreeganBG (Felipe Stoyne)               (LA)    0  
Ch0mpr (Wesley Cwiklo)                  (Chi)   4 (1st)
GTO (CJ Nelson)                                 (LA)    2 (2nd)
Chavisan (Javier Gutierrez)             (LA)    1 (3rd)
Jason-X (Jason Exelby)                  (Chi)   0 (4th)
Counter-Strike: Source
Chimera                                 (Chi)   10
Complexity                              (LA)    8
San Francisco Optx 28, Carolina Core 21
DoA Male
Ryan Ward (Offbeat Ninja)               (Car)   4
NinjaCW (Chris Harris)                  (SF)    5
DoA Female
Mystik (Kat Gunn)                       (Car)   3
Vanessa (Vanessa Arteaga)               (SF)    5
Anomaly (Andrew Brock)                  (Car)   3
stermy^ (Alessandro Avallone)           (SF)    4
Phantom (Joe Tackett)                   (Car)   4 (1st)
Sackamonjaro (Kevin Uribe)              (SF)    2 (2nd)
Miximup (Chad Neil)                     (SF)    1 (3rd)
General E. Live (Eric Early)            (Car)   0 (4th)
Counter-Strike: Source


Core                                    (Car)   7


Optx                                    (SF)    11


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