Codemasters Launches a Second Brickfish Social Media Advertising Campaign Promoting its Racing Game GRID

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Brickfish, the leader in social media advertising, and leading video game developer and publisher Codemasters, today announced the "Design a Poster for GRID" campaign to promote the launch of their new blockbuster console and PC auto racing game. The campaign, located at, invites anyone to design a poster that captures the intensity of a high-powered racing competition.

The grand prize-winning entry, selected by Codemasters, will be used to create game-themed wallpaper downloadable from the GRID game community site. The new campaign follows on the heels of Codemasters’ last Brickfish campaign promoting its Turning Point: Fall of Liberty® game. The campaign invited gamers to design a promotional poster for the alternate reality shooter game in which American Resistance fighters defend an America under Nazi rule. The campaign concluded with over 1.3 million brand engagements. The average poster design resulted in more than 2,000 engagements. Entries were posted on hundreds of Web sites, including Myspace, Facebook and LiveJournal.

"We were elated with the incredibly creative entries submitted for our first user-generated content campaign, and have seen the same amazing quality well into our second one," said Brad Schlachter, senior director of marketing at of Codemasters. "Because GRID provides players with incredibly thrilling gameplay, we expect our fans will fully embrace the game in their own original designs. Gamers are a passionate audience which makes these campaigns a unique and powerful way to provide a deeper level of engagement with our brand."

Entrants will upload original poster designs to for viewing, sharing and voting. The grand prize winner, chosen by Codemasters from the top 100 entries, wins a $1,000 scholarship and a GRID Special Edition game on the platform of their choice (Games for Windows, PLAYSTATION 3 or XBOX 360  with a Nintendo DS® version to follow). In addition to the grand prize, the Codemasters expert panel will also give away prizes to the top two runners-up, for the most viral entry chosen from the top 50 most viral, and to one person who signs up at

Brands and agencies use Brickfish’s platform to launch online advertising and marketing campaigns targeted at the social networking audience. The campaigns are designed to spark the creation of brand-focused User-Generated Content (UGC), such as blogs, images, video and audio. Brickfish’s content sharing tools enable anyone to view and review submissions, vote on their favorites, and share them with friends and peers using email, Instant Message and postings on social networking sites. This powerful viral marketing vehicle generates unprecedented brand awareness and online and offline calls-to-action from lead generation to sales.

"The success of Codemasters’ first campaign demonstrated how brands can leverage our platform, services and audience to embrace the power of social media advertising, increasing awareness and time spent with the brand," said Brian Dunn, CEO of Brickfish. "By continuing to engage with the social networks through multiple campaigns, Codemasters is using an innovative way to reinforce its leadership in the gaming industry."

The "Design a Poster for GRID" campaign ends June 22. For more information about Brickfish, visit

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