GamerDNA Launches New Gaming Crossroads at OnHollywood

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At OnHollywood, GamerDNA Inc. launched, a new crossroads for gamers, games and the websites they hang out on. GamerDNA is a platform for gamers to join forces with friends, preserve their experiences and share the stories of what they’ve discovered in games. The site builds upon the technologies developed for the popular 360voice and GuildCafe websites.

"As we developed, we discovered that we could be so much more than yet another destination website for gamers," explained Jon Radoff, CEO of GamerDNA Inc. "When we realized that we could become every player’s portable gaming identity - complete with a history of gameplay, experiences and preferences - it changed everything about our roadmap. It isn’t just about our own properties. We want to make every game and every gaming website more personal and rewarding."

The company benefits from an initial registered member community of about 250,000 derived from the 360voice and GuildCafe websites. In addition, the company has already secured exclusive distribution agreements with other Web publishers to deliver GamerDNA-enabled content and applications to over two million users per month.

"OnHollywood is showcasing the companies that are creating new opportunities in entertainment technologies including games, video and music ," said Tony Perkins, CEO of AlwaysOn, the event host for the OnHollywood conference. "GamerDNA is an innovative business that combines disruptive technology with a unique distribution model."

The GamerDNA platform (which includes Web-services that allow games and websites to incorporate gaming histories, preferences and identity into their user experiences) is currently in closed development with a limited number of partners. However, anyone may now take part in the community that’s being created by visiting:

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