GAMEVIL USA Launches Gothic 3 – The Beginning

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GAMEVIL USA, the LA-based mobile games publisher, announced today the launch of JoWooD Production’s Gothic 3 – The Beginning, a mobile version of the PC RPG Blockbuster.

The mobile version is part of the original Gothic PC universe, published by JoWooD Productions. Gothic 3 – The Beginning, as mentioned in the title, takes users to the beginning of the story, set 140 years back from the first Gothic series. Users play as young Xardas, a hero chosen by God Innos, to find the four chosen ones and bring back the sealed magic to the island of Khorinis.

Boasting a vastly wide map with 50 different scenarios to explore, Gothic 3 – The Beginning is packed with various features. There are more than a dozen enemies such as wolves, orcs, bandits, and trolls to battle against, players can learn numerous magic spells and collect armors, items by talking to the 35 non player characters, backed by a great AI system, to enhance their character. One of the best features of Gothic 3 – The Beginning is the intuitive controls and attention to details. There are 8 slots to shortcut certain moves, a smooth maneuvering system, and small details such as original soundtracks from the official Gothic PC game – which is sure to please Gothic fans all around - helps create a less frustrating, more relaxed gaming atmosphere. Along with easy tutorials in the beginning to show how everything works, Gothic is very user friendly and makes it easy for newcomers to quickly get involved in the world of Gothic.

Another feature is the continuance of gameplay. While solving the main assignment, users play small side-quests to gain experience points, gold and unique items. Even if players manage to beat the game, players can continue your adventure on Khorinis and further develop their character.

Christopher Kassulke CEO of HandyGames says, “We are happy to expand our cooperation with Gamevil for such a great Title like Gothic 3 – The Beginning. So more consumers worldwide are able to play the best RPG on mobile phones.”

“HandyGames is well known for its consistent quality of games. RPG is a sector in mobile gaming that can show a lot of improvement in the future due to the enhanced capabilities of the handsets.”, says Kyu Lee, President of GAMEVIL USA, “We’re happy to deliver one of the best RPG games that HandyGames has developed so far”.

Developed and published by HandyGames, distributed by Gamevil Inc., Gothic 3 – The Beginning is now available for download.

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