Empire Interactive Confirms Release Date for Flatout Ultimate Carnage on Games for Windows

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Empire Interactive, a wholly owned subsidiary of Silverstar holdings, today announced the release date for the multi-million selling arcade racer FlatOut Ultimate Carnage on Games for Windows as 11th July 2008.

Empire Interactive has also announced that FlatOut Ultimate Carnage will be compatible with the Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows.

“Ultimate Carnage looks stunning on Games for Windows. Bugbear have done an outstanding job on delivering possibly the most fun, most brutal, action crash-em-up ever seen on a Windows-based PC.” Sean Walsh, Product Manager at Empire Interactive, commented, “Ultimate Carnage is set raise the bar for hi-octane destruction racing for the Windows platform.”

FlatOut Ultimate Carnage blurs the line between arcade and simulation, offering gamers a “Deathproof” experience in which more than 8,000 persistent objects per track will throw your car off-course and into last place. With an average of 20,000 polygons per car, expect bodywork to get mashed up quickly. There are eight full offline game modes including Career Race, Time Trial, Carnage Race, Beat The Bomb, Last Man Standing, Deathmatch Derby, Multiplayer Party Mode, and the favourite Ragdoll Mini Games.

FlatOut Ultimate Carnage fully embraces Games for Windows — LIVE functionality, offering a wide variety of online modes, including the Head On mode, where racers have to get to the end of the track, turn around and avoid their oncoming opponents on the return leg!

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