Lighthouse Interactive Releases New Horn&Radio Sounds Updates for Ship Simulator 2008

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Computer software publisher Lighthouse Interactive and game developer VSTEP today released two new updates for their successful simulation hit, Ship Simulator 2008. These updates were developed by enthusiastic members of the Ship Simulator 2008 community. They add new true-to-life horn sounds and realistic radio chatter to the game, further immersing players as they sail the virtual seas.

VSTEP’s CTO Pjotr van Schothorst said, “We are very proud to have worked with our dedicated gaming community to produce these new updates. Not only do our fans enjoy the game and give us valuable feedback, these additions prove that Ship Simulator 2008 fans, just like VSTEP, aim to improve and grow the series even further, making it the ultimate virtual experience for ship lovers.”

The ‘Horn & Radio Sounds’ updates are available for versions 1.3 and up for Ship Simulator 2008. To download these updates, visit:

To find out more about Ship Simulator 2008 and to keep up with the latest news, visit: and


With the growing number of Ship Simulator users worldwide, VSTEP is continuously adding new content and features. In Ship Simulator 2008, players will perform a multitude of tasks, all set within stunning 3D environments. They will take control of a wide array of vessels – from massive cargo ships and ferries, to speedboats, yachts, water taxis, personal watercrafts, and even the mighty Titanic. The waters you sail are as varied as the ships, including the harbors of New York, the Thai Phi Phi Islands, Rotterdam and Hamburg, plus three newly added harbors Southampton, Marseille and San Francisco. Ship Simulator 2008 incredibly recreates real-world locations from around the globe and presents players with the challenges of commanding the vessel of their choice on the open sea.

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