Your World Games ’The Shroud’ Now Available on AT&T Phones

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Your World Games, in cooperation with Gamevil USA, today announced the release of their groundbreaking RPG mobile game “The Shroud” for AT&T network users.

“’The Shroud’ is one of the few truly deep, immersive gameplay experiences available on a mobile phone that both casual and hardcore gamers can enjoy,” said Robert Sprogis, Vice President of Your World Games. “We are proud to announce its release on the AT&T network, which will allow millions of users to experience the oncoming invasion of unspeakable terrors from the Shroud firsthand.”

The game features the protagonist, Taro, who starts off as a simple farmer but becomes a venerable savior as he fights to protect his homeland from the Shroud and its ancient, evil inhabitants. Players begin on an untended farm that they must work on to grow and harvest crops, turning barren, untilled farmland into verdant, fertile topsoil, as well as maintaining livestock. Doing so will allow Taro to accumulate funds and resources which he will need in order to repel the Shroud invasion and close the Breach portals that connect their world to his own. In addition, the game features several other elements such as fishing, mining, and real-time monster combat in order to provide a lengthy variety of activities for the player to immerse themselves into.

Accessing the AT&T network while playing the game will open up two new challenges: the International Farmers’ League (IFL) and the Mines. The IFL features timed challenges for players to complete, the scores of which can be uploaded to the IFL challenge leaderboards. Shroud players across the globe can battle it out to get the highest score. Accessing the Mines allows players to take on special quests and to collect rare gems and materials that can be used to upgrade Taro’s equipment, sold to make money, or even create special in-game effects.

Developed by Your World Games and with production by game developer Hardcore 3D Wireless, “The Shroud” will be available for all compatible AT&T mobile phones. For further details and to learn more about The Shroud visit

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