Conspiracy Entertainment Releases ’Garfield: Lasagna World Tour’ to Retailers Nationwide

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Conspiracy announced today that pursuant to its development agreement with Blast! Entertainment Ltd, the Company has officially released Garfield: Lasagna World Tour, a platforming game based on Garfield, the famous cartoon cat, to North American retailers.

Sirus Ahmadi, CEO of Conspiracy Entertainment Corporation, said, "The Garfield franchise has grown over the years to capitalize on the booming family home entertainment sector, primarily providing new content for video games. ’The Lasagna World Tour’ delivers the zany action you’d expect from Garfield, plus state-of-the-art 3D animation to keep kids entertained. Just in time for summer, Garfield is another great title for all ages and our retailers are excited to start moving them off the shelf."

Garfield: Lasagna World Tour for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system challenges players to jump into the world of the comic cat in a quest to win the Lasagna World Tour -- dressing up Garfield in a variety of humorous costumes (each granting him special powers), while playing a variety of mini-games that everyone in the family can enjoy in single and multiplayer modes.


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