Penquin United Launches 24X DS Game Pouch for Nintendo DS

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Continuing its efforts to provide high quality gaming peripherals to cost-conscious gamers, Penguin United has released the 24X DS Game  Pouch that allows DS fans to carry and display up to 24 Nintendo DS game cartridges anywhere they go . 

Developed exclusively for Nintendo DS game cards, Penguin’s 24X DS Game Pouch contains 4 transparent inner sleeves, each of which holds up to 6 games.  The transparent inner sleeve design allows gamers to display their game titles in the same way that they might travel with and display a collection of baseball cards or comics cards. Likewise, it is built with a sturdy zippered seal for added security and is available in multiple colors. The 24X DS Game Pouch is ideal for gamers on the move, protecting DS games from dirt, grime and various forms of impact.
“The 24X DS Game Card Collection Pouch is all about security and convenience,” notes Richard Huang, Penguin’s President. “Now even the most active gamer can take DS games anywhere without having to worry about the games being damaged or destroyed.”

With a suggested retail price of $14.99, Penguin’s 24X DS Game Pouch is one of many peripherals the company plans to launch in 2008

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