SteelSeries Introduces the Iron.Lady Bundle for Female Gamers

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The leading manufacturer of innovative professional gaming gear, SteelSeries, today announced the SteelSeries Iron.Lady bundles for female gamers. The bundle, available in pink or white, features the SteelSeries Ikari Laser Mouse, SteelSeries QcK mouse pad and a branded wristband.

The SteelSeries Iron.Lady bundle is a way for us to recognize and support the growing population of female pro-gamers, said Bruce Hawver, SteelSeries Chief Executive Officer. The development of SteelSeries products was driven by community input and feedback. This bundle is a thank you to this growing community as SteelSeries remains focused on developing products that will aid gamers in becoming better and achieving more wins, which is the bottom line in pro gaming male or female.

SteelSeries Ikari Mice: Professional Player Technology and Design

The SteelSeries Ikari mice are the result of more than 15 months of extensive research in ergonomics, motion, hand grip and styles of play by pro gamers around the world. The shape, materials and specifications of the SteelSeries Ikari mice are based on input from championship professionals from teams such as Team 3D, compLexity, mousesports, SK Gaming and others, who collectively represent the worlds most accomplished gaming teams in Counter-Strike and other gaming titles.

Key differentiators for the SteelSeries Ikari Laser mouse include:

  • Developed over a 15 month period through the feedback of more than 5,000 competitive gamers across three continents.
  • The SteelSeries Ikari Laser mouse is the only device to allow for hardware-based counts per inch (CPI) adjustments in increments of one, allowing for precise adjustments through the mouse directly (not via the PC), with a small LCD screen located on the bottom of the device which displays CPI.
  • Allows the user to play without any interpolation from bloated mouse drivers or game software. The drivers are embedded in the mouse, allowing for quick set-up during tournament or home play.
  • Operating at 1,000 Hz, the Ikari Laser mouse boasts an industry leading 40,000 samples per second which is several times faster than the nearest competing mouse. This allows for quicker refresh speeds, which enables more accurate and precise movements, which is especially important in the heat of tournament battles.
  • The SteelSeries Ikari Laser mouse was used by the team that won the ESL Extreme Masters II Counter-Strike tournament at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany. This tournament is one of the most lucrative pro-gaming tournaments in the world, yielding the winner 50,000 Euro.
  • As the anchor of the SteelSeries Iron.Lady bundle, the SteelSeries Ikari Laser mouse, has won more than 20 awards around the world, including Bit-Techs Excellence Award, Trusted Reviews Editors Choice Award and AltGamers Editors Choice Award. The mouse has received more than 10 perfect scores since its release.

Iron.Lady Bundle for Female Gamers, Not Girls

As a cornerstone for competitive female electronic sports, Iron.Lady is a unique and popular gaming event held in China, gathering the top female professional Warcraft 3 delegates from across Asia in order to battle against each other for the ultimate title of "Super Iron Lady." With a 2007 audience of more than 3.7 million people in China alone, Iron.Lady represents and signifies the strength, determination and ability of female gamers to compete at a professional level. More information available at

SteelSeries QcK Mouse Pad: Yes, the Mouse Pad Matters

The fine textured surface of the SteelSeries QcK mouse pad is a perfect fit for the laser technology used in the SteelSeries Ikari Laser Mouse. SteelSeries, with more than a dozen professional mouse pad products currently available, uses high quality cloth material for the QcK mouse pad, which provides a precise and consistent glide and features a specially designed non-slip rubber base which prevents the pads from sliding, no matter what surface it is placed on.

The new SteelSeries Iron.Lady bundle has an MSRP of $95.99USD and will be available in late summer 2008 at selected retailers and e-tailers and on the SteelSeries Web site at

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