NHN USA Pre-paid Game Cards Now Available at 7-Eleven Stores

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Gamers on NHN USA’s renowned six million-strong gaming portal ijji.com now have more options for enhancing their favorite free-to-play/micropayment online game experiences through the introduction of pre-paid game cards.  NHN USA, the North American subsidiary of leading Korean Internet company NHN, and InComm, a technology firm that develops markets and distributes stored-value gift and prepaid products, today announced that ijji.com game cards of $10 and $25 are now available at 7-Eleven stores across the nation.
  As a special bonus for the new game cards, NHN USA is providing users with free G Coins, the portals in-game currency, with each purchase.  The promotion includes five G Coins for each $10-card purchase, and 15 G Coins for each $25 card.

 “A number of online gamers who don’t have credit cards want to enhance their free gaming experiences with our optional micro-currency, or they want to give pre-paid game cards to a friend or family member as a nice gift,” said Sunny Kim, vice president, NHN USA.  “Pre-paid game cards provide customers with flexible payment options.  Thanks to our partnership with InComm, we now have ijji.com game cards available nationwide at 7-Eleven stores to ensure that everyone can enjoy the complete entertainment experience of our games.”

The pre-paid game cards are available for all games on the ijji.com portal, including GUNZ The Duel, SOLDIER FRONT, GUNBOUND Revolution, DRIFT CITY, LUMINARY Rise of the GoonZu and MINING BOY.

“NHN USA’s ijji.com portal is a much welcomed addition to our pre-paid game card portfolio,” said David Etling, Senior Director, InComm.  “ijji.com is one of the most dynamic gaming portals in North America and its gamers will be thrilled with all the new flexibility and offerings this partnership will bring them.”

To activate their pre-paid cards, ijji.com gamers simply purchase a game card, scratch off the PIN number on the back of the card and redeem the G Coins at www.ijji.com.  New users can create a free account at the site by clicking on “Add G Coin” and entering their PIN to get their bonus G Coins.

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