Annihilator set to Blow You Away

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The Annihilator from Sharaf DG is set to crush records and deliver gaming like you have never seen before. Not only are they building this PC with one of the world’s fastest desktop processors but they’re loading it with top-of-the-line gear all around.


The computer is built by focusing on fastest, latest and extreme editions of the PC Series keeping in mind the region’s PC enthusiasts and hardcore gamers.

The Annihilator runs on Intel Core 2 Extreme Quad-Core QX9650 processor running at a clock speed of 3.0-Ghz, and accompanies two NVIDIA GeForce 9800GTX graphics cards in SLI mode, to deliver today’s games at the highest quality possible


The Annihilator’s high-end configuration helps ensure even faster and smoother performance when running the latest games and other demanding applications independently or simultaneously.

 The idea behind the Annihilator is to provide the best experience for the end-user - whether they are playing games, working on their documents or enjoying the latest movie in high-definition


The PC uses the fastest components available today which have been water-cooled to make them run even faster. It also features two Western Digital Raptor drives set in RAID0 configuration for blazing fast speed as well as a RAID5 array of 1.5TB for the user’s data.

For gamers obsessed with the ultimate immersive entertainment experience, the Annihilator enables enhanced physics, AI, rendering an overall gameplay. Meanwhile, multimedia enthusiasts working with applications that depend on threaded computing, such as audio/video editing or 3D modeling, will also see greater performance. In addition, all users will benefit from a quieter and cooler computing environment thanks to the new water-cooled cooling system in the PC.

The Annihilator is available exclusively at Sharaf DG Stores at Deira City Center, Ibn Battuta mall and Times Square Center for the Enthusiasts to lay their hands on.


Price? If you have to ask, you simply can’t afford it.

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