N+ is complete and ready to ship

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N+ is finished and ready to ship.


The successor to the N, N+ is set to be the gold standard of ninja action-platform gaming. Created by Metanet and developed by SilverBirch Studios, N+ is rated E for Everyone and will be available on August 26 in North America for the suggested retail price of $19.99.

New impressive features like cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes and level sharing over the ad-hoc PSP system and wireless Nintendo DS connections will expand upon the gameplay possibilities that have made the original flash game a sensation.


Complimenting the game’s ’old-school’ feel, the control layout uses directional buttons and one of the face buttons to jump and move. With the built-in level editor, players can use the stylus to design maps and share them with friends or the world and downloadable content will continue to add exciting elements long after the game’s initial release.

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