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Now that Eidos and Warner Bros has officially let the Bat out of the bag, (pun intended) yet it was what we already knew, there was not even a morsel of something new, well we have some info we think you will be interested in.

A quick note of things we already knew from yesterday’s article

Unreal Engine 3
License includes all 70 years of comic books (tells you how wide open this story could be)
Paul Dini is writing the story

Heres the good stuff....

The Story starts as we mentioned before as the Joker surrendering himself and taking over Arkham because of some secret the facility holds. Arkham was chosen as a location because of its limitations It will be running on the Unreal Engine 3, and we know that there is NOT a tie-in to any movie or TV show. (So its got potential already) This is going to be a dark and gritty looking game , and is said to have the depths and twists of Bioshock. Most of the game is an over-the-shoulder perspective, unless you use the Batarangs, which are controlled in first  It is going to be a persistent location so you can visit any location at anytime including Batman’s Bat Cave. 

This will not be your typical race to the big bosses and kick butt. Along the way you will have to do some "CSI" style investigating, finding clues and gadgets along the way to help you. Some places you will be having to use "stealth mode",  the developers  call them Predatory gameplay sections as stealth tends to imply weakness. The Boss Battles are not always the standard kick their butt till they die either. Depending what boss depends on what you might have to use, as those gadgets that you have been collecting might come in handy. Remember Killer Croc?, he was 10 feet tall and built,  your not just gonna be able to beat him up. (Oh, I gave away a bad guy) Rocksteady has really implied they didn’t just want a game that focused on combat, but that Batman would have to focus on his role as a detective also.

Wildstorm (a DC subsidiary) is in charge of creating the authenticity but yet distinct look for the characters. Commissioner Gordon will play a role as well as Barbara Gordon (aka Oracle). The villians we do know about are Penquin, Harley Quinn, Poison Ive, Mr. Freeze, Zsasz, Killer Croc, Zsasz,  Riddler, Scarecrow,  and of course the Joker. We think there are many more.  Batman himself will be wearing the grey and black, its a more updated armor look and the gauntlets have the look of those on The Dark Knight. Overall it seems to have the classic look with an updated twist. Apparently we will also be able to play as villians though its not quite clear at this point whether this is a bonus or added into the game.

For now thats all we got, but we are excited about this game and will keep you informed of all things Batman: Arkham Asylum

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