Rock Band 2 Bundle Delays

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Shacknews has reported that the Special Edition bundles for Rock Band 2 will be delayed until the game releases for all the platforms. Meanwhile Xbox 360 Rock Band 2 fans will be able to get in the game around the middle of September but if you haven’t got the instruments you’ll have to buy them all separately or wait until 19 October when the bundles are released and the game is available for all platforms.

Cymbal Set $29.99

2 Drum Set $89.99

Wireless guitar $69.99

Game $59.99 ($49.99 on PS2)

The Special Edition Bundle $189.99 ($179.99 on PS2) - Drums, microphone, guitar, game

So if you buy the instruments and game separately you’re at $220 and still without a microphone. Tack on the cymbals and you’re at $250 or $220 if you wait for the bundle.

A hecty chunk of change, so start saving now or begging family members to pool their money together for the holidays.


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