A Sit Down with Running with Scissors

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I had a chance to sit down with the guys from Running with Scissors today including Mike J and Vince D. and get a look at what they’re doing with Postal III. The game looks well done so far and a host of ’D list’ celebs should make an appearance (Vince Desi’s term, not mine). The game is set for mid to late 2009 on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 and promises 12-20 hours of gameplay.

They’re taking a different approach to gaming over at RWS and in P3 the game can be played without killing a single person. Vince Desi was telling me about how if you fight only in self defense you won’t have many problems and you needn’t even kill a single virtual soul. However if you do attack someone they will call out for help and other pedestrians in the game will start coming over to help and call the police and this all spells trouble for you as you can actually do jail time, in the game, not reality.

Vince and the guys are promising a bigger, better game experience this time around for the irreverent and oft misunderstood franchise. New things coming into the game this time round include a gay rodeo because we all know that nothing is what it appears and the Drilldo.... I don’t think I need to even go into details on this weapon now do I?

Postal III is being built Valve’s Source engine and isn’t the completely destructible environment that’s become popular of late but there are many items that you can interact with and they gave me some insight into blowing up cars with gasoline and shooting used tissues at customers over at Porn World which is a teaching level on how to use the vacuum cleaner.

Other news they let me in on is the fact that there are 2 mobile games currently in development. Yes, not ONE but TWO Postal mobile games. The first is Postal Mobile which is said to be a top-down shooter while the second is Postal babes and you take on the role of one of the Babes.

The much maligned Tusconians, Tusconites, Tucson-based developer is firmly keeping their tongue planted squarely in their cheek and telling you to take a flying leap if you don’t like what they’re doing. The usual suspects have the usual complaints about the Postal series and will have even more to talk about with the third iteration when it is released late next year. Having seen the demo today I can say I’m seriously interested in seeing the game later and you probably should be too, if you can handle the humor. If not I think Vince Desi would just take the Drilldo to you.

I’m wondering if that D list is the Desi list or just people with not a lot of career power now.

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