Invaders Invade GC, May be Sued for it

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TAITO is extremely displeased from what I hear, here at GC Leipzig. Their parent company, Square Enix, says that the “Invaders!” installation by Douglas Edric Stanley here in the Games Convention was produced entirely without TAITO’s knowledge and that the use of the world-famous Space Invaders content was wholly unauthorized. The “Space Invaders: Die Jubiläumsshow!” (“Space Invaders: the Anniversary Show”) exhibition of the Computer Game Museum Berlin hosting the installation was likewise planned and presented without TAITO’s knowledge and authorization.

TAITO is seriously considering all available options-including legal actions against the infringer and, if necessary, the Games Convention exhibitor involved-in order to end this unauthorized and impermissible misuse of the Space Invaders content and to protect TAITO’s intellectual properties.

Well I will have you know that I owned the high score on the full-sized arcade game there today. Well OK, I owned the high score on nearly every game in that hall earlier today including Frogger, Pole Position, Space Invaders and more. And that was just me passing through on a 30 minute video game frenzy.

Anyway, this Invaders thing is sort of strange. It is a rather large installation that one cannot miss over in hall 4 I believe including a large projection screen, Space Invaders stuff and the aforementioned cabinet which I ruled over earlier today. You might even still find a GDO (my lifelong 3 letter high score tag) or a CPR my actual initials in those games over in hall 4. If not I will go back tomorrow and make sure you do.

Hey if you are in Leipzig and want to chat drop me an email...especially if you might like to write for GDN

As for TAITO and the art installation...I will check in tomorrow and let you know.

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