Get to a Kore Wii Experience, If you can

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I chatted with Christian von Duisburg Design Officer at Hamburg-based Snap Dragon Games about KORE, their upcoming Wii action title. The game was originally being developed way back in 2004 as an Xbox title but as happens to many games it got backburnered indefinitely.

Fast Forward to late 2007 and we find that KORE is suddenly getting picked up and dusted off for a new console (the Wii) and a new release date (Easter 2009).

The game offers up a story-rich 40 levels of action that allows you to take control of 3 playable characters - Pixie the sporty girl, MadBoy the boxer and Rex the dog. Each of the three have their own specific abilities when in control of the Kore Suit.

Wait a second, I better do some backstory for you.

Earthquakes have been shaking Manhattan when suddenly a gigantic drill-shaped vehicle bursts out of the ground, five miles high and evil looking. It is the Krank Tank, under the command of the three Krank Brothers who are the rulers of the bizarre civilization from deep within the core of the Earth.

Basically they’re going to wipe out humanity and rule the world. The Kore Suit is the key to salvation and the kids and the dog are in it.

The game features 100 minutes of full-motion cut scenes to help present the story. Of course there’s a severe lack of platform action games on the Wii and this is set to take the cake so to speak.

The graphics were unbelievable and it is the best looking Wii game I have seen to date. In fact it was so graphical that it forces the dev team to optimize code as much as possible to keep the graphics quality higher than the Wii has ever been pushed.

The game is being made with an off-beat story, quirky characters and a great deal of diverse gameplay. It should play well with those who have a slight twist in their humor streak. For example, the very first boss simply eats you and you have to fight your way out and take on his tongue to secure your freedom. Be sure you don’t get licked and lose the day.

The developers were at GC Leipzig showing the game to publishers but there has been no word on if they signed with anyone yet. It seriously looks like a good game not only graphically but from a gameplay standpoint and could be the title that takes the top spot in the Wii platform division away from Super Mario Galaxy.

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