From Scientific American to iPhone. MetaSquares Launches

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Wow, Scott Kim, the guy that made this game design was actually featured in Scientific American thanks to his puzzle design. How cool is that?

MetaTools Inc.,has announced the availability of its first iPhone game, MetaSquares, a deceptively simple to play, but hard to be expert strategy game, which is now available in Apple iTunes App Store.

MetaSquares players enter an eight by eight board with one goal in mind - create more squares than their opponents. Using game play features such as tapping, double tapping and swiping that are designed specifically for the iPhone, players can go head-to-head with their iPhone toting friends or challenge the progressively more difficult artificial intelligence opponent. MetaSquares offers consumers of all ages and skill levels a quick (games are usually two to three minutes long), fun and challenging experience.

MetaSquares is scheduled to be released in the near future in multiple languages including French, German, Japanese and Spanish. MetaTools is also developing a multiplayer option with access via mobile internet connections.

Consumers without iPhones can preview MetaSquares online for free on Apple computers or via Firefox Web Browser if accessing from a Windows PC.

MetaSquares is available for download now for $2.99 on carriers via iPhone or by visiting the MetaTools website, and clicking on the iTunes App Store widget.

A cool puzzle game for three bucks? I’m down with that.

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