Power up your Wii with some Electric-Catz

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Mad Catz branches out to Wii charging with two new units set to keep you gaming non-stop forever and ever. These innovative accessories keep Wii controllers fully charged at all times and ready for hours of fun, saving gamers the expense of regular battery changes.

Wii Dual Charging Fan Stand with Batter
y Packs

This multipurpose stand stores the Wii console and controllers safely together in one tidy holder, keeping your system neat and organized at all times. The stand features a unique cooling fan to keep the Wii console at an optimal running temperature and a charger to ensure controllers are ready for the next gaming session. The Wii Dual Charging Fan Stand also comes with two rechargeable Battery Packs.

Wii Power Solution

The Wii Power Solution is a rechargeable battery pack that provides Wii controllers with up to fifteen hours of continuous power, eliminating the hassle and cost of constantly replacing the standard AA batteries. This lightweight, compact and durable power solution enables the user to conveniently charge the remote via the Wii or a PC using a USB port.

Wii Dual Charging Fan Stand with Battery Packs
SRP: £19.99
Available from: www.Amazon.co.uk
Stockist phone number: N/A
Manufacturer: Mad Catz

Wii Power Solution
SRP: £9.99
Available from: www.Play.com
Stockist phone number: N/A
Manufacturer: Mad Catz

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