Ninja Blade to deliver ’seamless action movie experience’ on Xbox 360 according to designer

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In a recent interview with IGN, designer of the forthcoming Xbox 360-exclusive Ninja Blade, Masanori Takeuchi, promised his new game would differentiate itself with over 12 hours of seamless gameplay.

""Unlike most games that bounce between slow-moving cut scenes and twitchy gameplay, Ninja Blade offers a seamless action-movie experience that keeps you in control," Takeuchi explained while fending off a (reasonable) comparison to Ninja Gaiden 2. He went on to talk about the various attributes the main character - a ninja called Ken - would achieve during this non-stop Japanese action extravaganza.

""Ninja Vision is a powerful technique that reveals hidden information, like enemy weak spots or navigation clues," Takeuchi said. "Of course, such great power comes with a price. You’ll need to be careful to calculate when and how to use it best."

He might not be too impressed at the inevitable comparisons to Tecmo’s recent hit, but in all fairness this is something that’s going to dog hardcore gamers who’ve already shelled out a fat wad of cash for some violent ninjitsu action. You can check out the teaser trailer right here on GDN, and start formulating your own opinions as to whether there’s room for another Xbox 360 exclusive ninja-thon or not.

Check back to keep up to date with further Ninja Blade news as it happens.

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