Touch Darts on DS Flies onto Shelves

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Triple bull for the win!

Touch Darts, is now currently available on store shelves from Agetec Inc exclusively for the Nintendo DS. It’s the only dart game that combines the unique touch screen controls of Nintendo DS with four unique single player and multiplayer modes, is now available for purchase by dart enthusiasts everywhere.

Touch Darts includes a variety of modes and features. The four different modes: tournament, challenge, quickplay, and multiplayer, provide the player with hours of enjoyment. With the quickplay and multiplayer modes, up to four players can compete using a single cartridge. Tournament mode helps you hone your dart throwing skills with difficulty levels ranging from Rookie to Expert.

Cricket is joined by 301, 501, Killer, and Round the Clock and Touch Darts also has a unique Challenge mode that puts a new spin on the sport with its creative mini games and Speed Darts, a new challenge that has you aiming for a certain score within a time limit.

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