Bioshock 2 Next Year, Along with more GTA and Mafia

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Also in their financial statement, aside from financials, was the upcoming 2009 release list. For the rest of 2008 see the previous article.

    Take-Two’s line up announced to date for fiscal 2009 includes the
following titles:

Title                                     Platform

BioShock 2                                            TBA
                        Xbox 360, PS3, Games for Windows
Champions Online              
                       TBA (MMOG)
Grand Theft Auto: IV           
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars          DS
Grand Theft Auto IV episodic content      Xbox 360
Mafia II                               
                      Multiple platforms
Major League Baseball 2K9                 Multiple platforms
MLB Superstars                     
NBA 2K10                           
                   Multiple platforms
NHL 2K10                        
                      Multiple platforms

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