MTV to make Rock Band 2 TV show

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Capitalising on immediately popular trends (then dropping them like dead whores) has been the staple tactic of the music industry for a long time. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that MTV is planning a Rock Band 2 TV show called, despite the fact that the show isn’t technically a sequel, Rock Band 2: The Show.

A casting call went up at looking for "a group of 4 people to form their own "Rock" band and show their stuff live on stage for the chance to win the Ultimate Rock Band Experience". We particularly like the way rock band is in inverted commas, suggesting these people won’t be a rock band at all.

Still, if you feel this is worth your fifteen minute fame slot, put together a lead guitarist, vocalist, bass guitarist and drummer and you could be the next virtual hit. The producers are currently asking for 2-3 minute videos demonstrating what the "band’s" theme would be, and "what sets you apart from everyone else."

Sounds like a step up from Big Brother, at least...

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