Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix still on schedule for 2008 release

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Although the year is rapidly drawing on, Ray Jiminez has told Street Fighter Blog that Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix is still on schedule for a 2008 release. Speaking in an online interview, the Capcom associate producer took the opportunity to reassure Street Fighter fans that the remixed games will be with them soon.

"We’re on track to release the game this year and barring any unforeseen catastrophic event, that should not be changing." Jiminez said. Despite the game’s title being a bit long winded, he apparently feels confident it won’t go unnoticed should it get caught in the long shadow of the imminent Street Fighter 4 release.

"While it’s not a good idea to be right next to it in terms of release, I think we have a good enough separation between the two. Both games appeal to wide-audiences, but the hunger for old school SF (with a new twist) and the next step in SF gaming are equally as large."

In fact, we agree. Old school fighters rule!

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