A Positive Health Study about Video Games

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Heh another interesting study about the effects on health from video games. This one of course is surprisingly...positive:

The study providing the data, partly funded by the MacArthur Foundation, represents the national view from a survey of over 1,000 teens, showing the majority are gamers; girls playing video games almost as much as boys. The data also busts the myth that playing video games is a solitary experience, with 65 percent of all gaming taking place with friends.

The study proves video games engage the age group facing a decline in their physical activity levels. The modern approach of exergames reverses the perception that gaming is unhealthy and could prove to be the answer in getting the nation [being the UK] active from a young age.

Sony’s PlayStation 3, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Nintendo’s Wii are all mentioned in the survey together with a variety of gaming genres such as sports, racing, strategy and action titles. 8 out of 10 players stated they played 5 or more different game types and did not stay with a single genre.

"As an exergame vendor, the survey brings very welcome findings. I’m pleased to see the emphasis on the positive aspects of video gaming. The almost universal appeal of gaming is a perfect foundation for exergames, it shows that if the fitness industry want to connect with teens then these games are the right level you can do it. Gamercize has been connecting on this level as the core principle of our business and these figures are a prefect confirmation of these principles.

The important fact from this survey is that kids do not stick with one video game type, let alone a single title. As an exergame, Gamercize taps into this behaviour and supports every type of inactive video game, not just racing games, with our fitness machine add-ons. Kids cycle or step the calories away while totally focused on the fun of the game, be it Halo 3, Mario Kart Wii or the latest football game. We are also pleased to be the only exergame that supports all of today’s consoles as mentioned in the survey." said Gamercize CEO, Richard Coshott.

Gamercize provides portable exercise machines, such as mini-steppers and mini-cycles, that allows play only while the gamer is exercising and has a world-wide distribution network including Australia and America.

Now if they could just generate electricity from these workouts we, gamers, could go totally green  and all be fit as a fiddle so to speak.

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