Google making a move to buy Valve?

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According to a report by The Inquirer, Google is set to buy the Half-Life producer and online distribution powerhouse, Valve. Naturally, a deal like this would also include the Steam network, which (assuming the report is accurate) we predict is the property that the Big G is particularly interested in.

Valve has had some teething problems with Steam and SteamWorks, but these issues have been all but resolved of late, and the company’s refinement of the online distribution service has made it the number one method for gamers to buy their wares without leaving the house. Should Google take control of the net’s most powerful and popular game distribution system, Steam’s competitors can expect some serious trouble getting their messages, and products, out to the gamers. After all, who’d want to take on Google for online supremacy?

Stay tuned to find out whether Google will indeed open the Valve to online game distribution, right here on GDN.

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