TeknoCreations Induces Charge in Wii Remotes

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Now if they chould just induce a charge in my gaming news today I would be eternally grateful. Anyway check this out:

TeknoCreations’s InCharge remote charger for Nintendo Wii is designed to charge one or two Wii remotes and is the first and only charging station that will power Wii remotes without having to remove Silicon skins or most other similar protective covers.

Using the power of Lithium Polymer battery packs, the InCharge for Wii provides up to 25 hours of battery life on a full charge and is 50% lighter than other charge solutions for Wii. Likewise the InCharge, which retails for $34.99, uses a contactless inductive charging solution rather than metal contacts to charge each Wii remote. With the InCharge, gamers can save money on batteries as well as eliminate complications that arise from dirty or greasy battery contacts that occur with other Wii chargers.

“Our designers have completely eliminated the metallic contact points that always seem to fail over time due to excessive accumulation of dirt, grime, sweat and grease. And gamers no longer have to constantly remove and replace their protective remote skins. Simply drop the Wii remote into the cradle and it will quickly recharge for up to twenty five hours of gaming,” commented Mark Kasok, TeknoCreation’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “The InCharge is the most convenient, cost-effective and technologically advanced charging station available to Wii fans.”

InCharge Product Highlights:
• Charges through Nintendo Silicon skins and most other protective skins
• Uses Lithium Polymer Batteries for increased charging power and reliability
• Charge up to two Wii remotes simultaneously
• Non-metal conductive charging solution (charge not effected by dirt or grime)
• Up to 25 hours of battery power per charge
• Rapid recharge solution
• 50% lighter than other charging solutions
• Easy to read LED charge indicator lights
• Easy to clean and saves on battery cost

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