Sony Sued over God of War

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Sony Computer Entertainment America and celebrated game designer David Jaffe have been sued in U.S. District Court in California for alleged copyright infringement over the highly popular God of War series.

The case was brought by two screenwriters back in February, Jonathan Bissoon-Dath and Jennifer Barrette-Herzog, both of California. The two writers claim to have sent a screenplay to Sony pictures (and to various agents who work with SCEA) in 2002 featuring characters and events that were remarkably similar to Kratos and his adventures in the PlayStation 2 and PSP series. They point out similarities in the time line of the two developments, with God of War being released in 2005 after Jaffe had apparently said the game had been in development for three years.
Alongside the time issues, various other issues were raised, such as a story of how a champion saves Athens from destruction by the invading Spartan army that has been sent by Ares, a champion chosen by Zeus saves Athens from destruction by the invading army, the Champion’s family is hacked to death in a one-room building in a small peaceful village for which the Champion feels personal responsibility, Ares gives the Champion two massive, glowing, sword-like blades fastened to chains fused to his wrists and other similarities between the plaintiff’s work and the game design.
Such a case will always prove difficult to prove and to settle, since both stories are based on Greek mythology which, naturally, is in the public domain. SCEA and Jaffe filed responses with the Court on August 29th stating no copyright infringements took place, and have requested to be reimbursed all legal fees.
Stay tuned, folks.


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