GDN Runes of Magic Beta Key Contest Winners List and Contest News

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Nothing makes me happier than being able to make gamers happy. So there’s a whole lot of warm fuzzy feelings here in the office today as I am proud to give you the list of winners in the Gamers Daily News and Frogster Interactive Pictures Runes of Magic Beta Key Contest (wow that’s really long!)

Without further ado please congratulate the winners:

  • zerolink
  • dinwow
  • ottog
  • mekakeisei
  • Cronich
  • steelzoo
  • viperfx
  • classmild
  • Sonderzeichen
  • durrr

If you didn’t win be sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming contests and don’t forget about the 2 contests we currently have going on in the UK for:

North Americans hang in there we have a contest coming for you in the next week with free games. Europeans as well. I am working to get a contest and prizes for you as well so hang in there.

I’ve also got a mobile gaming package with free games and accessories that I’m working on and should have that contest ready very soon. It’s going to be a worldwide contest so keep an eye out for that as well.

So if you love games, want some games and swag free then check in Gamers Daily News for that and all the latest daily news and reviews, editorials and interviews. We gather together the best daily news and mix it up with interesting unique content every day, even on the weekends.


This contest has ended. The latest contest for Runes of Magic beta accounts can be found here.

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