Details of Star Trek Online MMO revealed

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A developer’s blog has popped up over at the official Star Trek Online MMO webpage, featuring a Q&A with Cryptic that reveals a decidedly delicious amount of info as to what we can expect from this anticipated onliner.

Much of the hot news is centred around the game’s customisable facets - mainly the ships. It wouldn’t be Star Trek without the iconic spacecraft, natch, so it’s a relief to know Cryptic has focused much of its attention on getting those just right.

"Federation ship classes are inspired by the television shows. So, for example, you could have a ship like the Enterprise, the Defiant or the Voyager. We call the different classifications of ships Cruisers, Escorts and Science Vessels," the Q&A reveals.

"The ship roles are a combination of naval combat and traditional MMO gameplay. Klingon ships are different, and reflect their style and culture. And everything will be very customizable and very Star Trek."

There’s still a long development ahead, as the game is slated for release sometime in the next three years (so there’ll only be two years left of it’s five year mission, then? - Ed.), but this bit of extra info certainly doesn’t hurt for getting us on the Roddenberry bandwagon in good time.

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