Xbox 360 sales jump 30% in UK – PS3 sales flounder

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We reported recently on the significant price cuts Microsoft made to its console in the UK - dropping the price for the basic model from £169.99 to £129.99 (less than the news PSP 3000 will be).

It seems the cost cutting has shunted the Xbox 360 immensely in UK gamer’s opinions, with the gaming giant measuring a 32% increase in hardware sales since the new price was announced. Not only has this helped to push the Xbox 360 forward in the fast approaching Christmas race, but it’s apparently knocked Sony back a few steps - with an 8% drop in PS3 sales noted during the same period.

The UK is rife with talk of recession right now, and leisure activities such as gaming are bound to take a hit when the credit crunch is felt. It has to be said that Sony has priced itself out of the UK games market ever since the PS3’s aborted launch, and with Nintendo and Microsoft apparently always three steps ahead when it comes to aligning their consoles with the UK gamer’s wallets, the PS3 is in for a bleak mid-winter.

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