Forbes Columnist Tackles Core vs. Casual

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As I generally do everyday, I was reading through a million titles of press releases and games related articles and such on a ton of sites when I stumbled upon an interesting article over at Chris Morris talks about how big game companies don’t care about core gamers (hardcore gamers) anymore because they make enough money from casual games and there are more casual gamers than there are hardcore gamers.

Frankly, I disagree with a large deal of what he says but I’ll leave you all to draw your own conclusions from his article where he states:

It’s easy to dismiss the most avid gamers as a vocal minority. They obsess over games before they’re released and then often savagely rip apart the very thing they were so eagerly anticipating. They argue passionately about the most minor of details, and they demand to be catered to by developers.

That’s almost offensive to me as a casual hardcore gamer. Maybe you should all email him about that. For the whole story click Requiem for the Hardcore

I would be interested to hear what you all have to say about his article so feel free to comment here or discuss it in the GDN Forums.

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