Nintendo DSi Information – Fixed and Updated

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Alright for the record: The Google Chrome Browser SUCKS. Here’s a reconstruction of the article that it ate during editing.

The "Nintendo DSi" 2008, will be released on November 1 Retail price of 18,900 yen (including tax).

Bigger LCD screens on the DSi - 3.25 inches.

The body is equipped with a new, 300,000-pixel camera

SD Memory Card Slot for use by "Nintendo DSi camera" and the music player software, "Nintendo DSi sound" stored in memory.

Company management, "Nintendo DSi shop" will be available free through the site, "Nintendo DSi browser" saved on the console can download through Wi-Fi and surf webpages.

 In addition, the Company plans to expand through the Internet, "Nintendo software DSi" (as well as game software, such as calculators will be practical application) can be downloaded for a fee, can be an extension of the body to function, the function of one’s own Nintendo DS is available with built.

Other details, is attached, "Nintendo DSi" and "Nintendo DS Lite" Please refer to the comparison chart.

The GameBoy Advance slot has been removed but it sounds like they might make the software available for download purchase to the DSi.

Outside of Japan, the "Nintendo DSi" will be released in 2009.


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[Comparison Chart]
  Nintendo DSi Nintendo DS Lite
LCD Size 3.25 - 3.0 -
LCD screen Transmissive TFT color LCD 
(Capable of displaying 260,000 colors)
Transmissive TFT color LCD 
(Capable of displaying 260,000 colors)
Body size 
Next 137.0mm
Vertical 74.9mm
Thickness 18.9mm

(Stylus length of about 92mm)

Next 133.0mm
Vertical 73.9mm
Thickness 21.5mm

(Stylus length about 87.5mm)

Power supply Nintendo DSi Dedicated battery pack AC adapter for Only AC adapter for the Nintendo DS Lite battery pack
Weight About 214g 
(Including battery pack stylus)
About 218g 
(GBA Connector stylus, including battery pack)
Charging time Approximately 2 hours 30 minutes About three hours
Battery duration 
¦ depending on use of software.
Minimum brightness About nine to 14 hours
Low brightness About 8 to 12 hours
In the brightness Approximately 6 to 9 hours
High-brightness About 4 to 6 hours
Maximum brightness About 3 to 4 hours
Minimum brightness Approximately 15-19 hours
Low brightness About 10 to 15 hours
High-brightness About 7 and 11 hours
Maximum brightness About 5 to 8 hours
Versions DSi Dedicated Nintendo Nintendo DS software, software Nintendo DS Game Boy Advance software, software
Input and output terminal SD card slot, DS card slot, AC adapter connecting stereo headphones / microphone terminal DS card slot terminal Gameboy Advanced card slot, AC adapter stereo headphones / microphone terminal
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