RealNetwork Reveals Boingz for WiiWare

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Coming out of Nintendo’s Fall Media Summit, RealNetwork has announced Boingz, their first attempt at a title for WiiWare.

Developed by developer NinjaBee, a sub-division of Wahoo Studios is their first attempt at WiiWare also, as the last three games announced from NinjaBee are all Xbox Live games.

Boingz introduces players to bendy, stretchy little critters who’ve found themselves scattered about an alien world. Players must help the Boingz free the rest of their friends and find their way back home by solving a series of addicting, mind-bending puzzles across thirty levels of fun. Using the Wii Remote to grab, stretch and fling the rubber-band bodies of the Boingz, players direct the team one by one to bounce around the environments, traverse the seas and even build bridges with their own bodies. Created exclusively for WiiWare, the single-player world of Boingz is a surreal, colorful landscape that will entertain players of all ages.

"Boingz" will be available soon for download via WiiWare. WiiWare games can be found in the Wii Shop Channel. For more information, go to:

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