Eternal Sonata to Play Europe

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Atari and NAMCO BANDAI Games are bringing Eternal Sonata for PS3 to European shores in February 2009, complete with new gameplay quests, a revitalized story, brand new costumes and additional playable characters.

With its vibrant visuals, innovative combat system and captivating storyline, Eternal Sonata has already won the hearts of western fans of Japanese role-playing games following its release for Xbox 360 in October 2007.

The PS3 game will feature everything that made the Xbox 360 game so unmissable, with the addition of exclusive brand new features and content exclusive to the PS3 including:

  • New adventures: exclusive quests, battles, events and multiple endings grow the story;
  • Additional playable characters: now choose to play as Crescendo and Serenade;
  • New Costumes: different costumes let players customize the appearance of their characters;
  • Exclusive new music: even more of Frederic Chopin’s timeless classical music.

The game’s unique scenario is set in the fantasy world envisaged by composer Frederic Chopin during the last three hours of his life as he lies unconscious on his deathbed. The game presents a vivid universe populated with charming characters and strange creatures who move through the world accompanied by Chopin’s timeless music, as performed by Stanislav Bunin. The player voyages through this mesmerizing dream world encountering a young girl who faces a terrible destiny and a boy who will fight to save her in an enduring tale of good and evil, love and betrayal.

Bringing an authentic Japanese role-playing experience to European gamers, Eternal Sonata takes full advantage of the power of PS3 with high-definition, anime style cel-shading and high quality textures and models. The innovative battle system employs a unique combination of hybrid turn-based and action RPG elements. With its wealth of original and technically advanced features alongside a captivating, original storyline, Eternal Sonata sets new standards for RPG gaming.

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