Soul Trapper audio adventure coming to the iPhone

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It’s great to see the graphic adventure making a bit of headway into returning to our games systems (Secret Files: Tunguska is something of a GDN favourite), but Realtime Associates has just announced it’ll be launching a series of audio adventures - beginning this month with a chilling tale about a man investigating a haunted church, called Soul Trapper.

The games are being pegged as interactive radio dramas’ or ’audio text adventures’, and require players to listen to the storyline and make interactive decisions, solve puzzles and guide the direction of the plot.
“Realtime has taken a distinct approach to App Store game development,” said David Warhol, president of Realtime Associates. “Instead of gameplay being strictly visual, the player must listen to follow along with the story to discover information and unlock clues that drive the story. It’s an audio adventure game rather than a standard video game.”
Two more audio adventures are also on the way:
Bloodvine, a modern day vampire action/romance, and L.A. Knight, a classic noir-style detective story set in Los Angeles in the late 30s. These kind of remind us of those awesome ’choose your own adventure’ books of the 1980s, written by the maestros Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone, and we do love a bit of innovation at GDN, so we’ll be keeping a close eye on the Realtime Audio Adventure series.
To check out an audio clip from Soul Trapper, head on over to the official site, and tell ’em GDN sent you.

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