Wii Music Dated in Europe

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It’s really hard to get excited about this game after that pathetic press conference they had but hey, it still might turn out to not totally suck...

Get ready to broaden your musical horizons and perfect that inner beat as Wii Music beats onto Wii across Europe on 14th November. Making sure everyone is a member of the band no matter what their musical or gaming experience, Wii Music reveals the hidden musician allowing them to play a vast array of differing musical instruments like a true professional!

Discover the sweet sounds of over 60 instruments and experiment to recreate any one of the 50 included tracks. Featuring music of all styles, from the best of the classics to cult pop, and even some gaming tunes like Super Mario Bros; and instruments including steel drums, bass guitar, the saxophone and even a barking dog, Wii Music lets everyone easily re-create and perform their own interpretations in a way the whole family can enjoy.

‘Jam’ is the main game mode in Wii Music for creating your musical masterpieces. Split into ‘Improvise’, ‘Quick Play’ and ‘Custom Jam’, play as part of the six-member band, with the remaining instruments controlled by the Wii as ’Tute’ characters.

‘Improvise’ allows for the chance to rehearse and master playing styles, while ‘Quick Play’ creates a totally randomised performance where all aspects of the set are chosen by the Wii, producing a unique experience every time. ‘Custom Play’ gives you full control, from choosing a musical style for the Tute accompaniment, to setting the speed, to choosing the instruments, to deciding where to perform - creating the ultimate performance!

Once the song is complete, it can be saved as a video clip, personalised with its own record sleeve and uploaded and shared with friends and family over WiiConnect24. This gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy your creation, rate it and even remix to collaboratively create the ultimate track!

In order to help players become more accustomed to certain styles of music and ensure a superstar performance, Wii Music offers numerous tutorials for tightening playing techniques, arranging tracks, playing drums and aural training. With regular practice players will find that simply reproducing music will not be enough, and improvisation and creativity will flow from the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to produce remixes that may outshine even the original version!

As if ‘Jam’ wasn’t enough, Wii Music offers budding musicians several other modes to keep their musical skills in tip-top condition. The ‘Virtual Drum Kit’ brings the heart of any band to the Wii by mimicking a real set of drums. Using the Wii Remote and Nunchuck as drumsticks, and the Wii Balance Board as foot pedals, almost every aspect of a standardised drum kit can be simulated including bass drum, cymbals, snare and hi-hats! With 15 interactive drumming lessons, free play and a one-player jam session with any of the 50 featured tracks; the Virtual Drum Kit is ensured to bring people closer to a bass drum than ever before!

Ever dreamed of conducting an orchestra? Now here’s your chance to step up to the challenge! Using the Wii Remote like a baton, you can control the speed and volume of the rendition, and even create strategically placed moments of intense musical climaxes guaranteed to bring the house down! With up to four players able to conduct at once, the action becomes fast and furious, as the conductors need to remain synchronized to ensure a high score is awarded for the performance!

Need to scrub up on the fundamentals of music and sound? Not sure how to compare pitches, construct basic harmonics or tell the difference between consonance and dissonance? Then you need the Wii Music Pitch Perfect music quiz! With eight difficulty levels, the quiz tests the contestants to a range of tasks such as choosing or sorting notes by their pitch, identify matching sounds and spot the wrong note in a piece of music. Challenging friends and family adds to the excitement, ultimately improving everyone’s ear for music!

Wii Music offers complete musical freedom and is an engaging and fun way for all the family to learn more about musical instruments and styles. 

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