More Retro XBLA – King of Fighters 98, Metal Slug 7, Tenchu

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Two more retro-redux titles announced for the old Xbox LIVE Arcade to go along with Space Invaders, Arkanoid and the rest:

Metal Slug 7 Originally thought to be a DS exclusive it looks like this title will also land on the XBLA if reports are accurate. It might not be an actual remake but it’s steeped in retro-ocity thanks to SNK and Ignition’s dedication to the 2D nature of the originals and this latest in the line. Gamers can join Marco, Tarma, Eri, Fiolina, Clark and Ralph as they prepare to take on Modern’s Forces across seven new missions.  Probably no big High-Definition update for this one. Metal Slug 7 will also feature new weapons, colossal new bosses, new gameplay modes and new Slugs to pilot.

King of Fighters 1998  The Neo-Geo classic returns. This round it should have enhanced graphics and new modes to keep us entertained and brawling our way to the top. Stay tuned as more info leaks out about the update. The original “dream match” comes to Xbox LIVE Arcade with new features, characters and game modes. Gamers can face their favorite “The King of Fighters” characters to determine the ultimate champion.

Tenchu: Shadow Assault (FROMSOFTWARE). Tenchu, the world-famous ninja action game, is now on Xbox LIVE Arcade. Gamers can control their favorite characters as they use a variety of ninja weapons to defeat their enemies and complete their missions. They can use traps in multiplayer mode2 to kill their friends for massive points.

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