No More Heroes sequel confirmed

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 A No More Heroes sequel was announced by Grasshopper Manufacture CEO, Suda51 (Goichi Suda) at the Tokyo Game Show. The announcement was followed by a trailer. It seems the game is titled No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle. Very little details were revealed about the game, except that the player takes control of Travis Touchdown, the hero from the first game, again. It has also been stated that this time, Travis is fighting for revenge and that he has become more serious about fighting (he also sports a better looking Beam Katana).

Desperate Struggle is planned for release in the United States January 2010 and in Europe in Feburary/March 2010. In Europe it will be released in both mild (no blood) and Extreme (lots of blood) formats, to make it up to the fans that were disappointed by the censoring of the blood in the original title.  The trailer for Desperate Struggle can be seen here.

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