Microsoft’s Greenberg Puts the Boot Into Blu-Ray

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Rumours have been flying around Tokyo like box kites regarding the addition of Blu-Ray to the Xbox 360, but speaking to Major Nelson, Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg put an unceremonious end to the speculation, and took the opportunity to jab Sony’s adoptive format in the ribs.

"No one knows what Blu-ray will be," declared Greenberg. "It’s pretty clear it is not the next DVD, right? The days of one physical format being the standard are gone. Let’s say right now we’re not sure if it’s the next UMD or the next DVD." Admitting he’d been prowling round the Sony stand, Greenberg also took delight in pointing out Sony’s apparent ’reduction in interest’ of the optical disk format.

"I went to Sony’s booth, and their Blu-Ray presence," he said. "It used to be like their whole booth was Blu-Ray. It just keeps shrinking down. Now it’s just this little corner and there’s no one there.

"We have no plans to integrate Blu-Ray into the Xbox experience. We believe that we shouldn’t force consumers to pay for things they don’t want."

We think he doth protest too much, eh gamers?

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