StarCraft II To Become a Trilogy

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We love to get StarCraft II news here on GDN, as it’s our most viewed game page, and this little nugget of information is a great addition. Apparently the long (long long) awaited sequel is too big for just one game, and has been split into a trilogy.

The first part is being dubbed Terrans: Wings of Liberty, and will be followed by Zerg: Heart of the Swarm and Protoss: Legacy of the Void. Lead producer at Blizzard, Chris Sigatay, insisted this is nothing to do with the Activision merger, and that Blizzard had always intended to make add-ons and expansions for StarCraft II in one form or another.

Each game will be released independently and will be entirely stand alone, though multiplayer option won’t necessarily require gamers to own all three products. Each game promises around 30 missions alongside a prolific online system adding more options and features.

At this rate, it would only be a small step for Blizzard to adapt the StarCraft II concept into a full MMO, not at all unlike it’s World of Warcraft franchise. Time will tell, but it’s certainly good news that after all the waiting we can now expect three sequels instead of just one.

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